This page is dedicated to the wonderful people that I’ve come into contact with through my travels and writing. You continue to inspire me and you’re the reason why I do this. Please take a moment to contribute to this guestbook by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear from you! Your support is much appreciated. Follow along on any or all of these social media links…

…I hope my story has inspired you to live adventurously. Follow your dreams…

Happy Trails,



  1. Visited with you briefly in the Coeur d’Alene Visitor Center today. May you have a wonderful journey and find what you are searching for.


  2. The naked bike ride should not be happening. If there are families around it shouldn’t be happening. Those of you without kids probably won’t get it, until you have your own.


    1. I wondered if anyone would have a problem with this. Your opinion is valued and I thank you for sharing it. Nudity and children can be touchy and words are twisted many ways but we all have two nipples.


  3. I sat down to spend some time with my family and had to turn off the news. So much violence, so much hate, so many senseless deaths, I hate it. I instead pick up your book and start to read. Aww…… peace. Where we as fellow humans can agree or disagree, we can grow, we can cherish this world, we can journey with a spirit of love. Enjoying the journey…..


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