Month: March 2015

Wolf Walking

Wolf in snowDear friends,

Gentle giant snowflakes fell upon the Northwoods all day, as if to taunt Spring. A fresh white blanket brings us another chance to wolf walk (to walk in each others footsteps). As I move between the buildings here on campus, I see the tracks of others and follow the trail, stepping in each footprint, leaving as little disturbance as possible. To see a trail where a dozen people have walked like this intentionally is a simple and peaceful sight..


New tracks in the snow, solitary and beautiful.

Two wolves were spotted walking near the school today. They left their scent markings and moved on into the woods like ghosts. A rare sighting so close to home.

Wolves tend to travel in packs. They use very efficient, fairly straight paths through the landscape. See the tracks below…


┬áNow you can show a child how to wolf walk. They’ll love it, and it will snow again so don’t worry, you’ll get your chance.

Guardian training is well underway. Exercises are building now and I’m stirred up and pushing my edge constantly. More on that in the next post, but for now here’s the newest addition to our exercises…We met in a circle at 6 a.m. this morning and then went for our first group run. When I say run, I don’t mean the typical jog on the road. Native running is different. The idea is to run as a group -a single organism- through the woods, finding challenging trails, ducking under branches and even crawling at times through the low areas, all the while following in each others footsteps and leaving as little disturbance as possible. All communication is done non-verbally. We saw the sunrise through the trees, and what a gorgeous morning. You can watch this short introduction video on Intuitive running if you’re interested in learning more:

And to find out more details on the Guardian training and what I’m going through check out this video:


Hope all is well in your neck of the woods…

Happy Trails,



Dear friends,

The Guardian Intensive at-home training is about to begin. I signed up. What is it?

Check out this website for more information…


I look forward to meeting this challenge and side stepping the ego.

The other day I watched a friend practice martial arts at his studio. His trainer was telling the other students about leaving their egos at the door and how the greatest battle is to conquer the self.

He said, “There was a man who used to come here for training. Each day he would use the same kick relentlessly, always dominating his sparring partners. I told him, your kick is strong. Stop it. Work on the skills that need attention and improvement. You’re not becoming a better fighter by beating people up.”


How can you apply this lesson to your life? What areas can you improve upon?

Can you look at daily challenges as training?

And if so, what are you training for?



A picture from Klondike Days.

Until next time,