How I Got My Bike

Dear Friends,

Happy Friday. I just bought a bicycle! Check it out….


I found it on Craigslist. The gentlemen selling it wanted a little more than I was willing to pay. It was his wife’s bike and she barely rode it. Mint condition but 10 years old, what’s that worth? I’m horrible at haggling and I asked Tamarack for some guidance in negotiating; this is what he told me…

“Don’t negotiate. Just go there and tell him what you’re willing to pay. If the offer isn’t accepted, leave your number and they’ll call you back if they change their mind.”

So that’s what I did. My offer and his bottom line were $50 apart unfortunately, so we shook hands and I told him to give me a call if he might decide differently. I actually heard from him the next day. He told me his wife gave him some grief. She said, “Why didn’t you sell that young man the bike? At least he would use it. Call him back and get rid of it or I won’t be cooking you dinner tonight.”

I was happy to hear from him and I thought this story was cute enough to share with you all. Thanks to this couple, I now have a bicycle that is capable of everything I wish to do on two wheels. I fly on the pavement and I cruise silently on the trails, deep in the woods. I hope Keenan and his wife will one day see the photos and read the stories of what I do on this bike. The adventures will be grand -they already are- and the gratitude is great.

Happy Trails,



Any thoughts?

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