Indigenous Peoples Day

Some call it Columbus Day, some call it Indigenous Peoples Day, others call it Native American Day…call it whatyawanna but this is a special day for me. October 12th marks the day I landed in New Orleans and finished my first bike tour! Not only was The Bicycle Adventure Along the Mississippi River a journey of personal discovery, it was also a conscious choice to leave behind my life in the city for the chance to explore nature and society with the hopes of finding a new way of life in harmony with the land. So two years later and here I am at the Teaching Drum Outdoor School where Wilderness is the classroom, Ancient Voices are the Teachers, knowing Self and Balance are the quests…I’ve been learning Native Lifeways and I’m proud to call this my home; I’m humbled to live in this community. Rather than conquering nature and exploiting her resources for profit, we honor this land and all that lives on it. We’re grateful for the abundance and we value the examples of those who were here before us.

You can learn more about Indigenous Peoples Day here…

In other news…

Tomorrow kicks off a week-long lodge building event at the school and you can help us build wigwams at Mashkodens October 13th – 20th! Come for a week or just a few days. We’re offering free camping and wild organic Paleo food in exchange for helping us build two lodges. To reserve your campsite, or for questions, contact, or visit this link…

In addition there’s one more session left for the Wilderness Canoe Immersion (October 23rd – 31st). I participated in the first 8-day immersion and it was a really wild week! Check back here for my full recap of the experience

See ya soon and happy trails,


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