“My friends start to attain fame in the dark game as I play a modern-day Mark Twain.”


“The appreciation of nature’s beauty always raises my life force and brings me to that special garden of gratitude where the seeds of dreams are manifested into my reality.”


“We create a melody together that launches off into the cosmos and travels through skies of alien landscapes as a bright shooting star upon which wishes are made and dreams come true.”


“Collapsing in the arms of my lover, our heart beats syncopate and stay this way as we breathe a breath of life together, timeless.”


“Maybe these melodies will invoke the evolution of wings and whisper encouragement to fly in the ear of an angel to be.”


“It’s lonely when we love like this.”


“Like a photo never taken; the road has no memory but the wind carries a tune and the song travels to distant lands on a full moon night, as the cotton fields bloom green, maroon and white.”


“Mankind has always had an irresponsibly selfish habit of claiming nature as his for the conquering but it’s in my nature to be the kind of man who claims responsibility for habits in the conquering of self.”


“At the McDonald’s, I sit outside on the curb loitering with no intentions of going in to make a purchase.”


“Junkyard dogs lose their minds behind chain link fences as I pass by the broken windows and boarded doors of failed American dreams.”


“The water looks strange to me. A blue-green hue surrounds the shoreline with poop weeds in the shallows –the slimy ones that puff out and drip. I wouldn’t eat the fish from that water but one of the anglers has a grill cook’s uniform on.”


“Receiving graciously is learned through giving unconditionally.”


“With these boots, I’ve climbed to summits unfathomable to the mind of an ant, yet they work together as a tiny community in ways inconceivable to the minds of many modern men.”


“Everybody’s in a hurry, chasing the cheese in a strange maze of rush hour traffic, jammed in little boxes, alone.”


“We often train children and pets with treats and threats.”


“Stripping down to underwear, I attempt to gallop through the shallows Baywatch-style, but the mucky bottom doesn’t allow for such a graceful Hasselhoff-like entry.”


“Sometimes it’s the characters in the saddest stories that have the greatest laughs.”


“The eyes are the evolution of the Creator’s greatest vision, balanced with the equilibrium of a drum to see life’s music heard.”


“Tuning in is a tuning out of sorts when viewed upside down.”


“The river sings her sweet song in the distance and the dying fire reflects the echo as I listen to my listening, thankful to have these ears to see her truth, reflecting on how to better share mine while dissolving into the mind of the Universe once again.”


“All life begins and ends with a single breath and I breathe in a quiet peace somewhere between them.”


“With Love like this, the conception of genius becomes possible.”

Any thoughts?

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