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Investigating Modern-day America, through writing and travel

-adventure uncensored-


Explore life with enthusiasm

Happy trails,

-Michael Jason Fox


  1. Hey Michael, my daughter Leah and I (Brenda) feel blessed to have met you at Itasca park on the 27th of June and were able to purchase a signed copy of your book.We started reading it right away and felt like two kids in a candy store! We love it and hope there’s more to follow! Hope you have a safe and wonderful journey.


  2. Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by recent.
    Your adventurous spirit is fantastic and so inspiring! I love it! Wishing you all the best on your exciting travels…be safe, and keep reminding us of the American Spirit!


  3. Great to meet you today thanks for stopping and offering help and the map. I hope you enjoyed the ride down he pass. You were right Livingston is a lovely town. Safe adventures. Viv


  4. What’s up, Mike? You might not remember me, but we met in Nashville at the bus station. I was just writing to let you know you “have a gift”, my friend.


    1. James 🙂 How could I forget you? What a trip we had! Thank you for checking in. I was just sitting down to write an update on the blog about the adventure north and the characters that I met. You’re a good one and you also have a gift. Give it.


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